How Developers Build Programmatic Audio

With just a few simple API calls, create text to speech, add audio design and make it sound beautiful, every time - at scale
1. Create script
Write it yourself or make it scalable by adding parameters
2. Create text to speech
Choose from 250+ voices. Use multiple voices in one project
3. Turn speech into audio
Add sound effects and create your professional audio track
4. Enhance your audio
Our AI powered mastering makes your audio sound great

This is just a tiny fraction of what can do. Discover all functions now, it’s FREE!

Start Building
Easy - Simple Integration In A Few Lines Of Code

Transform text into beautiful audio experiences. Write yourself or import content from any channel and integrate it to any applications or website programmatically. Python & NodeJS SDKs are available.

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What You Can Do With
Mobile Apps
Purpose-built voice coach for fitness apps
Toys & Kids Tech
Personalized children's stories for every listener
Conversational AI
AI-custom voices for digital humans
Real Estate
Property descriptions into audio voice-overs
Spotify ad for a website builder
Audio Advertising
Real-time car stocks for special offers
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The voice is sounding excellent by the way! Really, really happy with it from my testing tonight...
It was straightforward to integrate Aflorithmic SDK, and I really appreciate the way you guys wrote the docs.

Step-by-Step Audio Production For Developers

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