Audio Creation Tools
Designed For Developers is an audio creation environment - by developers for developers.
Have full ownership of the professional audio creation workflow: from content creation and versioning from text, to generation to speech, to sound design and mastering. Create and ingetrate audio experiences into your mobile applications, IoT projects, websites or social channels without learning specialized audio tools.
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Build audio into your applications in a few easy steps
Create text content
Write it yourself or import from Slack, Twitter...
Personalize - add parameters (Name, location, etc)
Choose from 100+ voices
USe multiple AI voices in one project
Create speech & Add sounds
Add prebuild sound effects, background tracks
Produce your audio
Produce a professional sounding audio track
Share away
Share your audio experience with colleagues and friends on any application or website
Generate with a few lines of code

Transform text into beautiful audio experiences. Write yourself or import from differnet channel and share on any applications or website.

We have SDKs in Python & NodeJS. Many more to come.

Listen to some of our use cases
Fitness App
Purpose-built voice coach for your fitness app
Personalized children's stories for every listener
AI-custom voices for your mindfulness app
Real Estate
Property descriptions into audio voice-overs
The simplest way to add audio functionality
to your applications
Input Connectors
In order to make it easy to get content into we offer convenient connectors.
Pick up your content from your CMS. a blog, a speadsheet or even twitter
Content API
Create and version scripts that can be turned into audio or upload audio assets
Speech API
Generate speech from text or scripts
Sound Design API
Add sound design or make project available for sound engineer
Mastering API
Master and physically produce- make your audio sound beautiful
Output Connectors
Share your audio on your app, website, IoT device or even slack channel.
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Choose from 100+ voices! from different providers

We support 4 human languages - English, Spanish, German & French

Make your audio personalized to every listener

Deploy in minutes- the fastest way to add audio to your web and mobile applications

The voice is sounding excellebt by the way! really, really happy with it from my testing tonight...
It was straignhtforward to integrate Aflorithmic SDK, and I really appreciate the way you guys wrote the docs.

The simplest way to add audio
functionality to your applications

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